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Highest Quality - My Equipment

I use the very best professional sound & lighting equipment available. Manufacturers like Bose, Mackie, Shure & Denon ensure superb reproduction of sound. For those who are interested, this page lists just some of the equipment that I choose to use.

Speaker Systems

Bose L1 Classic Portable Line Array Speaker System
The sound from these speakers is quite exceptional both indoors and outside. You get full venue coverage at your desired volume along with good looks that suit the beautiful surroundings of your wedding. These are simply the finest speakers available. Hearing is believing!

Bose L1 Compact Portable Line Array Speaker System
This superb sounding baby brother of the L1 Classic is just perfect for the wedding ceremony. No feedback, no ugly boxes in your photos and an absolutely incredible sound. Perfection.

A great satellite speaker for multi room zoning.

Audio Control

Denon HD 2500
A Hard Drive based professional media player that suits my style perfectly. My entire music collection is at my fingertips and I can access any song in seconds and play it for you and your guests.


Stanton RM416
The latest Mixer from Stanton gives me the ability to perform at the very top. Intuitive, great sounding and with the versatility that I require.

Mackie DFX6
This is my choice for your wedding ceremony. 6 channels to enable as many mics as we need and long throw faders for that gentle fade into the distance required for ceremony music. Reverb can be introduced for any singers


Chauvet provide stunning LED lighting. I can also use traditional effects such as a mirror ball and pin spot or beautiful up-lighting to transform a room. Subtle Laser projection can also give you the real "wow" factor.

Monogram Projection

The Bride & Groom can have their names projected on to the dance floor or any other area of your venue. This is a very personal effect and one that always gets a reaction from your guests.


Shure SM58 Wireless Handheld Mics
These legendary mics are the choice of musicians and performers the world over. A great mic for your speeches.

Shure WL183 Lapel Mics
Wearing a discreet lapel mic (Groom & Celebrant) will mean that your guests will hear every word of your ceremony, but they will not see an ugly mic on a stand. This is great for your videographer too, as they will pick up every word on the recording.


Zoom H4N All ceremony and speech recording is undertaken via this professional digital recorder. Used on request only.


Antari Hazer
This device can be used to create a nite-club style atmosphere. Used on request only.

Chauvet Bubble King
A commercial grade Bubble Machine that pumps out "gazillions" of bubbles. Used on request only.

Auxilary Power

Quiet Generator
When music is needed and we have no mains power, I have a quiet generator that can swing into action. This can be used in the bush, on the beach or in an isolated paddock. Power anywhere!

UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supply)
The UPS gives me full mains power for 2 hours. This is a back up supply in the event of generator failure.

Back Up Equipment

I have 2 complete back up systems that are on standby in case of any equipment failure.

I would be delighted to discuss your wedding plans in more detail - contact me.

"...The music sounded glorious on your sound system...thanks again for a perfect day!"

Venue Recommendation

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